1763 Lager

Vienna style lager made with 4 malts and 2 hops.  Light copper in color.  Flavor profile: Subtle hops, crisp, bready, with a slightly sweet finish. 
4.9% ABV 20 IBUs 

Served in a pint glass 

Roundabout Stout

This is a big malty oatmeal stout with pecans added in the boil made with 6 grains and 2 hops.  This beer is dark but smooth with predominant dark chocolate, nut and coconut notes. 
6.3% ABV and 31 IBUs

Served in a 12oz snifter glass   

Sarah’s Jam Session IPA

Great music helps make great beer.  Inspired by the jams in the Brewery this Session IPA is light, citrusy, and refreshing.  Perfect for long Summer days.  Prominent notes of melon and grapefruit. 
5.3 % ABV 30 IBUs

Served in a pint glass   

Doggone Abe IPA

This is a nontraditional IPA, made with hops from Bavaria and New Zealand, 5 grains and 2 hops come together to form this citrusy IPA.  
7.1% ABV and 73 IBUs

Served in a pint glass   

John Abbott Alt

Traditional German Altbier made with 5 different malts, Hallertau and German Magnum hops and a Dusseldorf Alt yeast.  Malt focused beer with traditional German Clove/Sulphur ester profile.  
5.5% ABV 40 IBUs 

Served in a pint glass glass   

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