Sarah Moran


Brewer, Sarah Moran, hails from Patton, PA and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Juniata College. With over 15 years in the food and beverage industry, a keen sense for creativity, and a love for good craft beer she is the perfect addition to the Center Square Brewing family.

Jeff R.jpg

Jeff Rogers


Jeff Rogers, originally from just south of the border in Maryland, has spent the last ten years in New Jersey working in the wine, craft beer, and spirits industry. Early on, his interest in craft beer was piqued, leading him to pour eight years and FAR too much money into brewing his own beer at home. That obsession drove him to finally decide on making a career out of crafting hoppy ales, crispy lagers, and every style in between. A genuine student of his craft, he is constantly researching new methods, theories, and styles to keep his passion for beer thriving.